Rashmi Rekha Das

After a gap of 48 years, President Draupadi Murmu finally met her old friends with whom she had spent her schooldays back in 70s. So, stage was all set for a reunion meeting of President of India Draupadi Mumru with her school friends at Unit 2 Girls’ High School in Bhubaneswar on Friday. 

Once they were bosom friends. However, things have changed over the years. Recently, Murmu assumed the office of Indian President at Rashtrapathi Bhavan.  Having said that her school friends are a bit confused as to how to address President Murmu. 

With Murmu’s friends eagerly waiting to welcome their school friend who is now the first citizen of India and relive their schooling days, OTV talks to her friends who are on cloud nine to meet Murmu after so many years.

“Today, she has become the President of India. She is a symbol of courage. Her journey of struggles and hardships has inspired us like anything. Though she is very much down-to-earth, we are in dilemma whether we will address her in the usual way or not. Again breaking the protocol will not be wise. So we all decided to address her as Madam President,” said a friend of Murmu.

“When she was Jharkhand Governor, I had gone to meet her. Despite being the Governor, she did not have an iota of ego. I was very much pleased with the hospitality she provided during my trip. After she has become the President, I have not met her. Still, I can vouch that her personality will remain same as always.  I would like to spend quality time with President Murmu. I would like to dedicate two lines to her ‘Bana ra Tulasi Odisha ra Tume Mahak deicha bhari, Rairangpur ra Rajanigandha kehi nahin tuma pari,” said another friend of Murmu.

Another her classmate said, “We are proud to be President’s friends. Many people congratulate us after knowing that Madam President is our friend. That really makes me happy.” 

Fondly remembering her schooldays, another friend said, “Though I could not recall any particular memory I had with the President of India, all I can say is that she was a disciplined student and scholar student. May Lord Jagannath bless her with long life.”

“We have never imagined that she would set a journey from Rairangpur to Raisina Hills. Her simple personality and hard work made her reach the zenith of success”, said an elated friend of Murmu.

Reported by Alok Mohanty, OTV