Cassian Baliarsingh

Obscene dance moves during Kali Puja programme sparked outrage at Charampa area of Bhadrak district on Friday night. Expressing resentment, a woman spectator threw slippers at a female dancer before storming onto the stage and protesting against the dance moves.

According to sources, a cultural programme was organised at Charampa to mark the auspicious occasion of Kali Puja. Popular ‘opera’ troupe Rajnandini Opera Party was invited to enthrall the audience.

As usual, the programme began with a record dance by a female dancer. However, a woman spectator found the dance moves offensive. After watching it for a few minutes, the woman identified as Mandakini Panda first threw a slipper at the dancer.

Later, she stormed to the stage and objected the girl from dancing. Soon, other members of the Opera party intervened and tried to pacify the woman. The programme had to be halted unless the matter was solved.

Later, the organisers and Opera party members pacified the woman following which the programme resumed again.

When contacted, Pradeep Kumar Mishra, Manager of Rajnandini Opera Party said, “Just because of one woman, there was a huge scuffle. No other spectators said anything. I think it is a publicity stunt.”

On the other hand, the female dancer Rani Priyadarshini said, “I was in my limit. I have not done anything as I’m a girl and I know my limit. Though, I’m an item girl, I know my limit.”

“My objection was against the way she was dancing. I don’t want to say anything about the kind of dress they wear as I have no objection against modern dress. But, after a point, she crossed all the limits and I was forced to intervene because of her obscene dance moves,” said Mandakini Panda, the woman who objected the dance moves.