Pradeep Pattanayak

For Dukhadei Bisi, who had been suffering the apathy of the administration for years and living in a termite mound-like hut at Patnagarh Balipada village in Bolangir district, finally helps are pouring in. 

The local legislator and the administration, who had been in deep slumber till OTV carried a news showing the plight of Dukhadei, have now extended their helping hands to make the rest of her life comfortable. 

While Block Development Officer Nilamadhaba Suna has provided bricks to Dukhadei for the construction of a house, Patnagarh MLA Saroj Meher met her and gave her Rs 50,000. 

“Today I met her and gave her Rs 50,000 from my salary. With this money, his son-in-law has started constructing a house for her. I will give the rest of the amount in installments,” said MLA Meher. 

As of now, the septuagenarian woman is living with her daughter and son-on-law. 
“The MLA has given me Rs 50,000 to construct a house. I used to have a lot of difficulties while staying in that hut,” said Dukhadei.

It has been discussed in the locality that if the plight of Dukhadei hadn’t been highlighted in OTV, she would have still been living in the same hellhole. 

Notably, Dukhadei’s hut was made of bamboos, straw and soil. She was doing everything from cooking to sleeping in the hut. To make her ends meet, she used to go from door to door, seeking alms.