Sharmili Mallick

A house at Uluda village under Bhograi block of Balasore district has become the centre of attention for local residents and passersby after a Haryana-based company started ‘raising’ the two-storey building by nearly 4-feet to tackle the waterlogging issues in the premises of the house.

While the total cost of the project is estimated to be around Rs 7 lakh, as many as 100 jacks that have the capacity to withstand 150 tonnes of weight have been fixed to raise up the entire structure of the house.

The house owner decided to lift the building after the elevation of the road in the front, which continued to trigger flooding problems in the ground floor of the house.

After searching for solutions online, the owner of the house came to know about ‘house lifting’ solutions and decided to avail the facility for his 15-year-old house.

Subsequently, he contacted a Haryana-based Jai Mahakal Building Lifting And Shifting Works. Soon both the parties inked out an agreement to carry out the necessary modifications in the building.

According to sources, a team of 16 workers from Bihar are currently working on the project which is expected to get completed in two months. 

A local resident, Ananta Kumar Rana said, “The level of the house was over 2 feet lower than the level of the road. This triggered waterlogging issues especially during monsoon season every year which forced the family to stay upstairs."

“The level of the road continued to rise every time it was re-carpeted due to which rainwater often entered the house during the monsoon and whenever it rained. But now the building is being revamped with a new method without the slightest damage. The workers are even staying on the first floor of the house,” said a relative of the owner of the house, Debabrata Rana.

On the cost-effectiveness of the house raising facility, Prince Sisodia, a worker of engaged in the project said, "It is quite cheap as compared to the entire cost of constructing an entirely new building."