Ramakanta Biswas

News Highlights

  • Gopabandhu High School located within Kolkata Municipal Corporation limits

  • Physical condition of the school building/infrastructure is in a bad shape

  • Condition of the building started deteriorating after Cyclone Amphan

The Odisha government on Friday requested the West Bengal government to take immediate steps for renovation of Gopabandhu High School located within the Kolkata Municipal Corporation limits.

The school at Bhawanipore which is named after the great Freedom fighter of Odisha, Pandit Gopabandhu Das, and imparts education at Secondary level, is reportedly lying in an unsafe condition.

“It is reported in the Electronic media that the physical condition of the building /infrastructure is genuinely in a bad shape. The Kolkata police and local administration have declared the building as unsafe and accordingly unsafe banner has been pasted on the wall of the school building,” Odisha Mass Education Principal Secretary Satyabrata Sahu wrote to his West Bengal counterpart Manish Jain. 

“On further enquiry at this level, it is learnt that the condition of the building started deteriorating after Cyclone Amphan and in the meantime it is further worsened,” Sahu added. 

Sahu said although the school was started from Primary Section, now around 100 Odia students study in Secondary level. The Odisha Government also provide Nationalised Text Books (NT Books) to the students based on their requirement every year free of cost. 

“I would request you to look into the matter personally and take immediate steps for renovation /repair/sitting of the school so that 100 Odia students reading their along with 9 teachers and other support staff feel safe,” the Mass Education Principal Secretary said. 

As substantial Odia population live in Kolkata, a number of Odia Educational Institutions have come up with the support of the Bengal Government. Gopabandhu High School received official recognition from the West Bengal Government in 1981.