Suryakant Jena

Sambalpur: In a blatant incident of lawlessness, as many as three truck drivers had to sustain critical injuries in a murderous attack by some miscreants during a loot bid on Sambalpur-Cuttack National Highway 55 late last night. 

The robbery attempt was reported from a valley near Sadhu Munda area in the outskirts of Rairakhol. 

As per sources, some unidentified miscreants launched a bid for robbery by stopping vehicles passing by on the NH 55 through the area. 

Some trucks moving the way faced brutal attack by the looters when the drivers of the vehicles did not stop at the indication forcing the irate miscreants to pelt stones at the trucks.

With no option left, the truck drivers had to halt their vehicles at some distance of the incident but fortunately they bravely manage to avert any major mishap. 

Some other trucks which were passing through the area also stopped near the spot to assess the situation forcing the miscreants to flee the area. 

Several locals and the truck drivers staged a blockade on the highway demanding police action against the miscreants. Soon after a team of cops arrived at the location and assured the demonstrators of strict action. 

The injured drivers were also shifted to Rairakhol Hospital for treatment.