Vikash Sharma

People will no longer have to visit the office of the Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) to apply for a certified copy of the vehicle permit in Odisha as the facility will now be available online.

The issue of certified copy of permit has been included in the list of public services under the Odisha Right to Public Services Act by the Commerce and Transport Department.

At present, the certified copy of permit is issued in VAHAN. It is provided by RTO manually which is a time consuming process. “In order to improve the public delivery system, it has been decided to provide the citizen centric service online so that people can be able to apply online for the certified copy of permit issued in VAHAN,” STA tweeted.

The applicants can file applications online to get certified copy of permit on the VAHAN portal- from any place by availing the online facility.

The applicants will also have to pay the requisite fee online. The applicant will collect the certified copy from the concerned RTO the next day.

No application for issue of certified copy of permit will be received in RTO in manual mode.

Steps to Apply:

1. Visit the official website, click on the vehicle related services after clicking the online services

2. Enter the vehicle registration number and click on proceed button

3. Click on services, apply for certificates, choose application for certified copy of permit

4. Put the vehicle registration number and mobile number to generate OTP

5. Enter the OTP to get the detailed information of the vehicle for payment

6. After successful payment, generate the receipt and contact the registered RTO office for further process.