Somatirtha Purohit

Locals along with the ambulance driver on Monday, were forced to carry a pregnant woman on a sling due to the unavailability of road connectivity in the tribal-dominated Kandhamal district of Odisha.

The incident happened in Tetre village of Sarangarh gram Panchayat. Sources said Aarati Malik complained of labour pain on Monday following which the Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker of the village rang up 102 ambulance services.

The ambulance driver responded but had to park the vehicle one and half kilometre away from the village as there was no motorable road.

The driver, Jitu Majhi along with the Asha worker and locals carried the woman on a sling and crossed a canal in the forest.

The woman was admitted to a hospital in Sarangarh. The family members and villagers thanked and praised the efforts of the ASHA worker and the ambulance driver.