The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has notified amendment in the rules of Accredited Driver Training Centres (ADTCs). The new rules include five-year accreditation of driver training schools.

The ministry also said that the syllabus for imparting training for two-wheelers has been specifically detailed to comprehensively cover practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

The trainee will be required to pass the "test of competence to drive" in order to receive the proficiency test certificate for issuance of driving licence and other provisions linked to ADTC like fees, issuance of driving license etc.

The new rules include knowledge and understanding of fuel-efficient driving techniques among the training topics for those learning how to drive.

The two-wheeler driving training will be covered in multiple sessions over a span of two weeks. The theory sessions will cover traffic education, first-aid, road etiquette, causes of accidents and fuel efficiency, among others. The practical lessons include basic and skill driving practices, night driving, and driving in single and multiple lanes, among others.