Pradeep Pattanayak

A paediatrician posted at the District Headquarters Hospital (DHH), Nayagarh was caught running a clinic from his official quarters during a surprise check on Monday. 

In this connection, the doctor’s two assistants were detained at the Medical outpost. 

As per the report, several complaints were lodged against child specialist Dr Asish Dixit running a clinic from his official quarters and collecting Rs 300 towards fees from each patient. Acting on the complaints, Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) Dr Makaranda Beura on Monday carried out a surprised raid at the paediatrician’ s quarters and caught him in the act. 

CDMO Dr Beura termed the running of clinics during duty hours as illegal. 

“In government hospitals, providing service is of the utmost importance. After duty hours, one can see patients at their residences. But here in the case of Dr Dixit, he had been absent from his duty. Upon verification, I found it out that his name also didn’t feature in the OPD doctors’ list. He had instead been providing OPD services at his quarters,” said Dr Beura.

“Similar action would also be taken against those who will be found running clinics by neglecting their duties,” he added.