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  • Bibhu's Namesake is a major fashion label in the United States
  • He has designed costumes for several influential personalities, from Hollywood celebrities to the First Lady of the United States

From a small-town boy in Odisha to setting up a famous fashion label in the United States of America (USA), ace fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra has come a long way.

He is a go-to name in the industry with his renowned ‘Namesake’ brand which has found its way into the wardrobes of some of the most iconic personalities- from Hollywood celebrities to the First Lady of the United States (US).

The journey of this genius from Rourkela to the ramps of high fashion streets, to the most powerful office on the globe, the White House, is nothing less than a rags-to-riches fabled script. And of the many facets of his story, the most inspiring is that of his feeling of true accomplishment- an American dream he once saw and made it happen through sheer determination and hard work.


Yes, Bibhu who has recently returned to his native town, touched upon one of his poignant meetings with the Obamas at the President's Palace in Washington DC in 2016.

"I was invited by the Obamas for their farewell party at the White House. It was during the occasion I narrated my story on how I had once composed a piece on 'My American Dream' during my school days, which I finally managed to fulfill. The comment made Michelle (Obma’s better half) emotional," Bibhu said nostalgically during an exclusive chat with OTV.

The eminent fashion designer credits the relentless support of his parents for the realization of his dreams and touching new heights of success in life.


"Blessings and love from my family, well-wishers and, teachers helped me a lot in moving forward in life. When I started my career in the pre-internet days there was not much scope in fashion, but I found a way with proper guidance of my friends outside Odisha and my cousin Sarita who lives in the US," he explains.

After working as a design director with a French fashion firm for nearly nine years, Bibhu launched his own fashion label ‘Namesake’ 12 years ago. It is now a major brand and has its own store with its design studio in downtown New York near WTC complex.

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