Odishatv Bureau

BJP MP Aparajita Sarangi on Saturday visited the flood-hit areas in Odisha and slammed the Naveen Patnaik government for the alleged mismanagement of flood following heavy downpour in the State.

Slamming the ruling BJD, the Parliamentarian said, “There are two types of solution – a temporary and a permanent one. Even after reigning for over 20 years, the Odisha government has miserably failed to make a permanent solution. They are only interested in temporary solutions."

She continued, "Can I ask... Why has the government failed to bring out solutions for drainage, reconstruction of nullahs and waste disposal even after so many years of sitting in power?  This is a clear reflection of the Odisha government’s 20 years of corruption and mismanagement in the State."



Earlier, taking to her Twitter handle, the Bhubaneswar MP had shared pictures of the flood-hit areas and wrote, “In the flood waters yesterday.. Met people who have been completely cut off from the rest by surrounding waters. Distributed some foodstuff & medicines.. People are indeed, suffering. Hope the flood waters subside soon.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “Toured some of the flood affected areas yesterday. Discussed with District Collector about the relief measures that are in place. Asked  him to give cooked food to all those who are badly affected. We all need to put in combined efforts to alleviate the distress at this  hour.”



Congress MLA Taraprasad Bahnipati also slammed the BJD-led government and said, “The government has miserably failed to provide proper drinking water in the flood-affected areas and to provide cooked and dry food to the people marooned in the floods. This is extremely saddening that the government and the district administration have failed to manage the flood situation in the State.”

“I got to know that the district collectors have refrained from taking orders from those managing the flood-situation in different parts of the State as they have not been provided with boats, dry foods or any kind of other help,” Tara added. 

However, BJD MLA Munna Khan asked the BJP MP not to play dirty politics while the State was going through a tough time.

“We are busy in rehabilitation works. People are still marooned in flood water. This is not the right time to play politics. We should rather focus on making sure that everyone gets food and water. Everyone is in a safer place. Politics will continue, we can keep it aside for a while now and focus on other important things,” said Khan.