Pradeep Pattanayak

Deogarh MLA Subash Chandra Panigrahi has courted serious trouble after Tileibani block development officer (BDO) lodged a complaint accusing the legislator of beating him up on Saturday. 

Besides registering a complaint against the MLA, BDO Krushnachandra Dalapati also took the matter up with the district Collector. 

Meanwhile MLA Panigrahi has also lodged a counter complaint against the BDO.  

According to reports, Panigrahi had asked Dalapati to come and meet him over a certain issue, however as the latter was away at Chhepalipali village for an inspection, he expressed his inability to attend the meeting.   

Hearing Dalapati’s answer, Panigrahi flew off the handle. In the next moment, he along with few supporters visited Chhepalipali village and reportedly thrashed the BDO. 

“As per my previous discussion with the tehsildar madam, I had gone to Bhaliagudi village under Chhepalipali gram panchayat in connection with a WPC case in the Orissa High Court. At about 10 am, I received a call from the MLA asking me to meet him. I told him I would meet him after returning from Chhepalipali,” said Dalapati. 

“After a while, the MLA and few of his supporters reached the spot where I was and started thrashing me,” said the BDO.