Pradeep Pattanayak

What these two girl children have achieved at such tender ages will definitely make parents of children of their ages envy. 

Meet 28-month-old Swati Samiksha from Boudh who can astound anyone with her extraordinary talent in reciting innumerable Sanskrit slokas with such fluency and grace like a virtuoso. 

Daughter of Ranjit Pradhan and Anusuya Budhia of Sarasara village, Swati has earned a place in the prestigious India Book of Records’ for displaying magnificent ability in recollecting names of countries and their capitals, English names of birds, animals, flowers, fruits and body parts as if to the manner born.

Family members of Swati are in cloud nine for her feat at this age. “We are elated at her success. The earlier record holder was a two-year-and-six-month-old child. Our daughter has had the record at the age of two years and four months,” observed Swati’s mother Anusuya Budhia. Swati's father Ranjit Pradhan gives the entire credit to his wife for raising their child. "Her mother could recognise her hidden talent and it is she who has honed her skill. We are encouraging Swati by teaching her in better ways from mobile phones and charts," said Pradhan.

Similar is the inspiring story of Anwesha Sahu, the four-year-and-11-month-old daughter of Manoj Sahu and Rosalin from Basudevpur area in Bhadrak district. 

Ask her names of capitals of any country, inventors and names of stars and planets, she will answer them pitch perfectly. Apart from that, she can also recite Sanskrit ‘slokas’ and hymns of Vedas fluently and spell more than 1,000 English words assiduously.  

On award of a place in India Book of Records to Anwesha, her mother Rosalini Sahu said, “My daughter has fascinating memory power and we could easily notice her talent when she was just two-and-a-half years old."

"I feel proud of my daughter because what she has achieved is an all India record. It is a matter of great pride not only for Basudevpur but for the entire Bhadrak district," said Manoj Sahu, Anwesha's father.