Mrunal Manmay Dash

Acting on a petition filed by Anubhav Mohanty, the SDJM court in Cuttack on Thursday directed Varsha Priyadarshini to vacate the former's house. The court has asked Anubhav to pay Rs 30,000 to Varsha on/before 10th of every month for her accommodation.

The court ordered that Varsha will have to leave the house of Anubhav within two months of receiving the first financial assistance.

Anubhav had earlier filed two separate petitions demanding Varsha to leave his home for which Anubhav was willing to arrange accommodation. He had also demanded Varsha to reveal her income sources and monthly average income so that the court can decide on the monthly maintenance money.

The court had heard the petitions by Anubhav last week and reserved its verdict, which was announced today.

Alok Kumar Mohapatra, Anubhav’s lawyer said, “The house where Varsha is residing now is a joint property owned by Anubhav’s grandfather and his brothers. It is for their (Anubhav’s grandparents) sake, that the court has ordered her to leave the house.”

Speaking about the court’s order, Mohapatra said, “She has been given two months of time to find her accommodation which is fair by all means.

It is pertinent to mention here that recently the BJD MP had shared multiple videos on social media on their strained marital relationship. In the last video titled 'Untold truth part 3', Anubhav had criticised Varsha for bringing the family feud to the public and dared her to undergo forensic, lie detection and medical tests.

Prior to this, Varsha on May 22 had lodged a complaint against her husband Anubhav and his family at Purighat police station and cyber police in Cuttack.

In her seven-page FIR, Varsha had accused Anubhav of telling concocted story through two videos in order to tarnish her image when the matter is sub-judice. She also alleged that the actor has been assassinating her character by uploading such videos and giving distasteful comments.