Sharmili Mallick

The marital dispute between Tapaswini Dash (Dimple) and her husband Dr Sumit Kumar Sahu has been taking several twists and turns with each passing day.

A new video of Tapaswini pleading her husband Sumit to accept her as his legal wife and allow her to live in his house in Berhampur has been doing rounds on various social media platforms since Saturday.

In the viral video, Tapaswini, who is currently sitting on a demonstration in front of her in-laws’ house in Brahmanagar area in Berhampur Town, was seen appealing Sumit to take her back home.

“When I married Sumit, I thought we will lead a happy and prosperous life but everything went wrong. I feel heartbroken today when I realise that the person I had believed and married, is on the verge of destroying my life,” said Tapaswini in the video.

“I was a simple girl. Was my faith in him wrong? And if having faith in someone is wrong, no one will believe anyone from now on,” she said.

“I have been living on the verandah of his (Sumit) house. But no one wants me to even stay on the verandah, and they are threatening me and even lodged false cases against me. My husband has also refused to stay with me,” she added.

Tapaswini further said in the video, “I really love Sumit and don’t want to malign him. I want Sumit back. I have nothing left with me. I have not changed and the same girl he (Sumit) loved earlier wants to stand beside him. Please, take me back Sumit before I decide to end my life. I have been suffering from immense pain.”