Sharmili Mallick

Hours after Tapaswini Dash entered her in-laws’ house at Bramhanagar in Berhampur under the presence of the officials of district administration, her father-in-law Pramod Sahu reportedly fled the house citing that he feels insecure to stay in the house. 

Sahu alleged Tapaswini had earlier levelled dowry harassment case against him and his family members due to which he feels unsafe and is scared to stay in the house in her presence.

He also released a video in which he explained the reason which forced him to leave the house. The video has gone viral on various social media platforms since Thursday evening.

Sahu also alleged that even as there was a lack of clarification in the order given by the District Court in Behrampur, the officials of the district administration and police allowed Tapaswini’s stay in the house.

“The officials of the district administration kept her in my house without my consent. There was a confusion regarding the direction given by the Court. I approached the administrative officials for clarification but they ignored me and due to some pressure, they brought my daughter-in-law to stay with us in my house at Brahmanagar without my approval,” stated Sahu in the video.

“I feel insecure in her (Tapaswini) presence. I have even requested the local police station IIC to give me security as she had earlier levelled false allegations against me and my family apart from filing a case under Sec 498 (cruelty to women),” alleged Sahu.

He further said, “I feel unsafe and afraid to stay in that house in her presence and therefore, left my house. I will go anywhere and will think to return later.”

Earlier on January 4, the District Court allowed Tapaswini to live at her in-law’s house with her husband Sumit Sahu. The court also directed Sumit to provide Tapaswini monthly maintenance of Rs 17,000 before the 10th of every month unfailingly.