Poonam Singh

Even as District Court in Berhampur ruled in favour of Tapaswini Dash allowing her to stay in her in-laws' house, she had to spend the night in the garage of the house on Tuesday after she was allegedly denied the room of her doctor husband Sumit Sahu. 

Tapaswini complained that the house offered by Sumit's family was not suitable for a woman to stay. She insisted on staying in Sumit's bedroom. However, Sumit's family said it was not possible to provide her the room as Sumit's grandmother, who is suffering from a heart ailment, was staying in the room.  

Sumit's lawyer Surendra Behera said, "Sumit's family had provided Tapaswini a room in the upper floor of the house following the court's order as they are having a shortage of rooms in the lower floor. The family has many members and a heart patient is currently staying in the room, which she is demanding." 

"So Tapaswini should take this into consideration and live there peacefully," added Behera. 

According to Tapaswini, she should be allowed to stay in Sumit's room where he used to live before leaving the house. She said the room provided by Sumit's family is not suitable for a woman to stay. Therefore, she didn't enter the house and spent the night in the garage.

Notably, on Tuesday, the Behrampur District Court had directed Tapaswini to live in her in-law’s house at Brahma Nagar in the Silk City with her husband Sumit Sahu.

The court also directed Sumit to provide Tapaswini a monthly maintenance of Rs 17,000 before the 10th of every month unfailingly.

Meanwhile, Sumit Sahu has decided to move the Orissa High Court challenging the lower court’s order .

(Edited By Ramakant Biswas)