Ramakanta Biswas

News Highlights

  • Anubhav Mohanty and his wife Varsha appeared before conciliation centre of family court
  • Conciliator counselled the couple for several hours to sort out issues between them mutually
  • Anubhav filed a contempt of court memo against Varsha & requested closure of conciliation

Actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty on Wednesday filed a contempt of court memo against his wife Varsha Priyadarshini and appealed to the family court for closure of the conciliation process.

The couple appeared before the conciliation centre of the family court here and were counselled by the conciliator for several hours. The conciliator tried to mutually sort out the issues between the couple and avoid the divorce, but in vain.  

While coming out of the court, Anubhav said, "As I said earlier, I do not want to discuss my personal life in public. I would request my learned counsel to kindly say. If you have any question, he is there to answer."

Speaking to media persons, Anubhav's counsel said, "Varsha ma'am refused to sign on the counselling report saying she did not have faith in the counselling. As she very openly and indecently termed the court process biased, we filed a memo stating it a contempt of court. We have requested the court to close the process."

He said the conciliator will decide on the memo and file the report in the family court. The court will hear it tomorrow.

"On July 9, both Anubhav and Varsha appeared before the conciliation centre and were counselled. The conciliator tried for their reunion. Today also they were counselled. Anubhav has filed an application for the closure of conciliation and I will object to it. After hearing the plea, the court will issue further orders," Varsha's lawyer Ram Krushna Rath said.