Cassian Baliarsingh

Benglauru, the ‘City of Gardens’ is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Apart from being the tech hub, Bengaluru is also known for its beautiful parks, avenues, impressive buildings and good, caring people.

Bengaluru is the best amongst metros. No other metros in India comes that close. Furthermore, regular supply of drinking water, continuous supply of power and the weather in Benglauru makes it one of the best places to reside, especially during Summer. 

With time, the India’s Silicon Valley has become India’s fastest growing, accommodating and cosmopolitan cities.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user shared why Bengaluru is a heaven for him. He further added that it is indeed the best place in the world and compared it with New York and London. 

The Twitter user 'Amitabh Satyam' also listed out a few points to prove his words. Taking to his Twitter handle, the man wrote, “I am living in heaven. Bengaluru is the best place in the world. By far.”

“It is not just about nice and caring people,” he added and listed down a few things about the place:

1. Practically zero crime. 

2. Pubs here easily beat the best in London and Munich. 

3. Hospitals are unparallel and practically free ($15 for world’s best doctor and medicine for OPD). 

4. Hotels here are class above those in Europe and America. 

5. World-class European cuisine at $15($100 in London). 

6. World’s best Indian food. About $1. 

7. 5km radius from my home has more start-ups and unicorns than England does. 

8. 5km radius from my home has more global R&D than entire England. 

9. I can drive and park almost everywhere (try that in smaller cities such as NY or London). 

10. The climate, the lakes, the parks ++++..


On traffic issue which is often raised by people, he wrote, "I know, I know: The traffic. That is just the sixth finger of Hrithik Roshan."

A user agreed and wrote, "Indeed yes leave out the traffic, but really peaceful sift people the Kannadigas but recently they also polluted by tamils for Hindi language hatred etc. until then really a soft people well mannered peace loving people. I like Kannadigas of entire India and I m a Tamilian but."

However, another user disagreed and commented, "NRI on holidays who is earning in $ point of viewChallenge to reside for an year in BLR and write this."

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