Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a cruel act to wild animals, a man from Bileisarda village under Puintala police station allegedly extracted the teeth of a cobra mercilessly using a nail cutter on Saturday.

The man inflicting the torture to the serpent has been identified as one Bira Biswal. The video of the incident has now gone viral on various social media platforms. 

In the clip, Biswal can be seen extracting the teeth of the cobra in a cruel manner. 

Several snake helpline members in Bolangir have demanded stern action against Biswal for his unlawful act.

“As per the wildlife act, the snake should be released into the jungle after it is rescued. The way in which the man was extracting the teeth of the cobra is unlawful. The video is quiet disturbing for a civilized society. The man was inflicting great amount of torture on the innocent animal,” said Sanuj Mishra, member of the Bolangir snake helpline.

“The way in which the teeth of the snake was removed, there is a less chance of the reptile’s survival. Stern action should be taken against the man,” said Mishra.

Meanwhile, Bolangir Forest Department assured that the matter will be investigated and stern action will be taken against the culprit.

“We have come across the video. Definitely, it is an illegal act. We will take necessary action against the accused after an investigation into the matter,” assured Bolangir Ranger, Keshab Kishore Nayak.