Mrunal Manmay Dash

A man filed a complaint at the Bharatpur Police station in Bhubaneswar after he was allegedly thrashed by his wife and relatives over a nude video call involving his wife and her paramour.

The complainant, Balaram Sahu is a resident of Bharatpur area in the Smart City who recently married to a woman from Pipili.

As per reports, Balaram caught his wife talking to another man over video call. When he confronted his wife over this, she reportedly apologised and promised not to repeat it.

However, as per the complaint, she asked her husband to come to Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar the next day. Upon arrival, she along with her ‘paramour’ and relatives thrashed Balaram on the spot. They allegedly threatened to kill him.

Amid the beating, police from the nearby Lingaraj Police station came over and rescued Balaram. The police took him, his wife and others to the police station for questioning.

Later, Balaram filed a complaint at Bharatpur police station. “I do not know why she did this. When I asked her about the nude video call, she apologised but later thrashed me with the help of her boyfriend and relatives,” Balaram alleged.

However, his wife refuted the allegations of nude video call and said, “This is all rubbish. He was with me the entire night and we were talking about his family.”

“The allegations are baseless and does not bear any semblance,” she added.