Rashmi Ranjan

When we buy a vehicle, we always wish to get a registration number of our choice. Many also don’t hesitate to spend big bucks to get their desired registration number. In a story of such kind, a man in Dubai has spent a whopping Rs 70 crore to buy the world's third-most-expensive vehicle registration number during an auction.

According to reports, AA8, a single-digit number was sold for Dh35 million which is more than Rs 70 crore in Indian currency at the recently held Dubai's inaugural 'Most Noble Numbers' charity auction. The auction allows bidders to bid on fancy vehicle registration numbers and fancy mobile phone numbers.

Similarly, double-digit car number plates- F55, V66 and Y66  were sold for Dh4 million (more than Rs 8.23 crore), Dh4 million and Dh3.8 million (more than Rs 7.91 crore) respectively during the auction organised by Emirates Auction and Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA).

The auction raised Dh53 million and the amount will be used in the '1 Billion Meals' campaign. The campaign aims at providing food to vulnerable communities in more than 50 countries.

It is worthwhile to mention here that a single digit vehicle registration number- AA9 was sold for Dh38 million (over Rs 79 crore) during last year auction.