Pradeep Pattanayak

There seems to be no end to Kotia Dispute as officials of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh once again confronted each other on Monday over the setting up of a hydroelectric project. There has already been a border issue between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.  

According to a source, Odisha has proposed to set up a hydroelectric project of 2200 MW capacity at the same place where Andhra Pradesh is planning a similar project. Andhra Pradesh has already conducted a survey on the designated place and sought an environmental clearance. Before, it also has been seen that Andhra govt. intrudes into Odisha's Kotia villages with new game plan like micro-water-diversion project and many more.

On the other hand, a team comprising officers of the Odisha Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC), Adani group, who is set to construct the project along with local administration, visited Neradivalsa, Tadivalsa and Arjuvalsa on Monday. The team carried out a survey to ascertain the number of villages and people to be affected and other impacts. 

When the team was at Neradivalsa, Salur CI arrived there and enquired about the purpose of their visit. He also told them that it is the Andhra Pradesh government which will set up the project as it has already conducted the survey work. 

Later in the evening, the team met the Collector and discussed with him about the proposed plant. 

While the district administration is yet to give any clarification regarding the incident, suspense is mounting as to who will set up the plant, Odisha or AP?