Rashmi Rekha Das

Kartik Niti (Kartik rituals) of Lord Jagannath and his siblings in Srimandir commenced on Thursday on the auspicious occasion of Ashwina Sukla Pakkhya.

As per the schedule, Dwara Phita ritual was held at 5.18 am following which other rituals were carried out. To mark the rituals, Lord Jagannath gave darshan to devotees in Radha Damodara Besha. Following the completion of Abakasha rituals, devotees were allowed to have a glimpse of the Trinity from Bhitara Katha.  

As per tradition, a special bhoga called Bala Bhoga is offered to the Lord and his siblings. Bala Bhoga is made of chuda (flattened rice), khai, coconut, and fruits. It will be offered to the deities till the end of Kartika month. 

Habisyalis who observe Kartika Brata worship Lord Jagannath in Radha Damodara Besha during the holy month of Kartik.

At a time when people in other cities are bidding adieu to the Goddess Durga, the holy city is bracing up for Gosani Yatra after a gap of two years. Puri is all set to hold Gosani Yatra which was not held for last two years due to Covid restrictions. 

In Puri, Durga Puja is also known as Gosani Yatra in which clay idols of Durga are worshipped. However, the festival has its origin in folk culture. Gosani deities will have a get-together on Grand Road. District administration has made adequate preparations for the smooth conduct of Gosani Yatra.