A python which was rescued from a paddy field of Bargarh’s Kantapali and sent to Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) underwent a surgery at the varsity on Friday.

The reptile had sustained severe injuries on its neck and head after being beaten mercilessly by locals. The atlas bone of the python was severely hurt which is why it underwent surgery at OUAT. It will be kept under observation for few days. After the reptile recovers fully, next decision will be taken in this regard.

Subhendu Mallick, honorary wildlife warden said, “The python was writhing in severe pain after being beaten by people. And it was trying to hide its neck. It was finding it difficult to move. It underwent behavioural changes too. Doctors have prescribed medicines to keep it active.”

OUAT professor Indramani Nath said, “The reptile had suffered compression between skull and atlas bone after severely beaten by people. The python was not able move its front part of the body.”

Earlier in 2020, experts at the College of Veterinary Science of OUAT had operated on the eyes of an 8-ft-long python which was rescued in Banki of Cuttack district.

Sources said the snake was unable to move freely due to a matured scale spread over its eyes. Taking advantage of its illness, some miscreants had reportedly pasted adhesive tapes on its eyes resulting in injuries.