Rashmi Rekha Das

People normally are taken to a crematorium ground when they die. But in a shocking state of affair, an elderly woman was left abandoned at a crematorium ground despite being alive.

Though the incident sounds strange it took place at Mahada village under Ullunda block in Sonepur district.  

According to sources, Chanchala Sahu who is a resident of Mahada village had suffered a wound on one of her legs. Her sons took their mother to Sonepur and Rairakhole for treatment when they came to know that their mother is suffering from cancer. As they did not have adequate money for their mother’s treatment, they brought back their mother home.

Learning it, village committee members threatened to ostracize the whole family if Chanchala is not left to reside somewhere else.  Her sons built a hut near the village crematorium ground before deserting Chanchala. Currently, Chanchala is finding it hard to survive in the absence of food and water there. 

At a time when floodwaters have got inundated several parts of the state disrupting normal life, deserting an elderly woman near a crematorium ground during a flood has been criticised by many.

Chanchala said, “My sons took me to different hospitals at Sonepur and Rairakhole. Following diagnosis, doctor told that I am suffering from cancer. As we belong to a poor family, it was difficult on part of my sons to provide me necessary treatment. So they took me home. However, some of the people from our community asked them to desert me. Else, they threatened to ostracize my sons. Finding no other option, they forcefully deserted me.”

His son Basistha Sahu said “She had developed a wound which was not cured and germs started spreading. When a few people came to know that my mother is suffering from cancer, they asked us to leave our mother and threatened to banish our entire family. We had no other way but to abandon our mother.”

Block Development Officer Hem Sagar Bhoi said, “I was not aware of the incident. Just came to know from you. I must say they just cannot do so to a woman. We would provide her necessary healthcare service as per government schemes.”

After the news was aired on OTV, the district administration rushed to the crematorium ground and admitted Chanchala in Sonepur Hospital.