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Odishatv Bureau

Unauthorised plotting and construction activities by encroaching upon natural nullahs and drains are allegedly carried out with impunity in Nuapada area under Ward No 28 of the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation. 

While the course of several nullahs and drains were reportedly diverted in some places to facilitate illegal land plotting, some nullahs were filled up for construction of roads to various residential buildings. 

Local residents said the rainwater used to flow through the nullahs into Mahanadi river, but the shrinking of drains due to encroachments has affected the flow of water. They alleged that they are facing artificial flood and waterlogging problems due to the narrowing down of the natural nullahs.

"The nullahs were very wide earlier, but now they have been narrowed down by illegal constructions. It causes flood-like situation in our area," said a resident. 

"Due to construction of buildings and road by obstructing the nullahs, our area becomes waterlogged during the rainy season," complained another resident.


It was alleged that the illegal plotting on the nullahs, belonging to the water resources department, are carried out by the land mafia in collusion with the officials of the revenue department. Though the administrative officials admitted the irregularities after inspecting the area, no action has been taken so far. 

Laxman Amat, Sadar Tehsildar said, "We will inquire into the allegations. If the natural nullahs were obstructed, the illegal constructions will be removed." 

Subhankar Mohanty, Enforcement Officer of Sambalpur said, "We will act on the complaints made about illegal constructions on drains and take action in this regard."

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