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Mrunal Manmay Dash

Puri: In a mysterious occurrence, hundreds of dead jellyfish were spotted washed ashore at the Puri sea beach on Monday.

Though the exact reason for this phenomenon is yet to be known, locals suspect that this has something to do with the impending Cyclone Yaas that is likely to make landfall on the norhern Odisha shores on Wednesday.

Another group of locals were of the opinion that growing pollution in oceans might have caused the mass death.

As per reports, a similar kind of phenomenon occured earlier in Puri when a colony of dead disco fish (trouts) were found on the beach fuelling the rumour mills about an impending disaster.

Naturally, the jellyfish straddles the ocean's surface with a rigid shell poking just above the water and an array of tentacles dangling just underneath it. As it catches wind, the jelly floats from place to place, capturing tiny fish and plankton wherever it roams.

per experts, sailor jelly strandings are common when seasonal winds change course.

Every year, on beaches around the world, colonies of sailor jellies become stranded. There, they dry up and die, becoming a "crunchy carpet" of dehydrated corpses covering the sand, Julia Parrish, a University of Washington professor and co-author of a new study on mass Velella (Jellyfish) strandings, said in a statement published in livescience.com.

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