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Even though the Odisha government has predicted a small-scale flood due to release of massive amount of floodwaters from Hirakud Dam in a day or two, several low lying regions of districts from east to west Odisha especially the ones situated around the Mahanadi basin have already witnessed flood situation.

From Cuttack to Bargarh, the deluge has not only hit movement of people, but also necessitated evacuation. The situation has also unleashed floodgates of worries for farming folks.

Floodwater has entered into low lying areas of Cuttack district especially those situated near the banks of Mahandi like Baramba. Thousands of farmlands in the region have been inundated. Floodwater has also started submerging the famous Bhattarika temple.

Floodwater discharge at MundaliFloodwater discharge at Mundali
Floodwaters at Bhattarika Temple in BadambaFloodwaters at Bhattarika Temple in Badamba

Bargarh district has also witnessed flood situation due to backwaters from the Hirakud dam. Floodwaters have entered into Chikhili, Antaradi, Ghughurapalli, Barangkota and Beniapalli villages in Ambabhona block. People have been shifted from several low lying areas with their domesticated animals to safer locations in view of worsening of situation.

Flood in BargarhFlood in Bargarh

In Sonepur district, the bridge connecting the town with Sambalpur at Malatijor has submerged in floodwater bringing the movement of people to a grinding halt. Water level is flowing 4 feet above the Birmaharajpur and Amrapalli road.

Sonepur flood situationSonepur flood situation
Flood in BinikaFlood in Binika

Boudh too has been let off from the flood havoc. As many as 55 villages in the Harbhanga tehsil in the district has been marooned from the rest of the world due to floodwaters. Rainwater has inundated Sadalganda-Bhejigora bridge.

Floodwater enters home in BoudhFloodwater enters home in Boudh