Rashmi Rekha Das

High drama unfolded at a marriage ceremony in Balasore district of Odisha after the bride reportedly refused to get married and walked away from the mandap.  

A video of the groom losing consciousness soon after the bride called off the wedding at mandap went viral on social media platforms. The incident took place at Remu village under Baliapala police station in Balasore district.  

In the viral video, the bride was seen removing her bangles all of sudden to everyone’s surprise when marriage rituals were in progress.  She went on to say ‘I am already married. I cannot get married again.’ 

While the bride’s shocking claims prompted her family members to beat her black and blue, the groom was taken aback by her statement and lost consciousness.  

Relatives of the groom who came from Uluda village under Karmada police station started crying seeing the hapless groom’s condition.
According to sources, the bride’s family members were allegedly solemnising her marriage against her wish.