Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While many bow down on all fours, some go for namaskar with folded hands and there are still others who prefer to offer Naivedya (consecrated food) to seek blessings from the almighty in today's world. 

There are myriad ways in which people prefer to share about their life problems and express their yearnings before God. But incidents, where devotees seek blessings from the divine in letters, are indeed very touching. 

On Monday, the opening of the donation box at Maa Samaleswari temple startled many because apart from donations in the form of cash offerings, and ornaments from devotees, several letters from devotees to the presiding deity were recovered from the Hundi.

Interestingly in one of the letters, a devotee seemingly a girl, has pleaded the Goddess to remove all obstacles and bless her to succeed in marriage with the love of her life. The girl has also prayed before the deity to ensure that the marriage should happen with everyone's consent.

"Jai Maa Samalei, Maa, please accept my reverence. Maa, I have approached you with hope. Please help me to get married to the love of my life 'Rabindra' with everyone's consent," the letter read.

While in another letter a person has pleaded before the almighty to help his daughter crack the NEET, a man has also penned a letter requesting Maa Samaleswari to help him clear debts so that his family can live peacefully.

Not only that, several other letters were found in different languages including Bengali and Tamil. 

"Devotees come here and pray to Maa Samaleswari to fulfil their wishes. While some request for achieving success in business, some seek blessings for overall health and wellness while some pray for wealth," informed Sanjay, Secretary of Samalei Temple Trust Board.

Notably, the Hundi at Maa Samaleswari temple is opened once a month. The offerings made by devotees including cash, ornaments and other precious items get deposited at the bank after counting. This is not the first incident when letters have been found from the Hundi. Devotees who have put faith in the deity express their wishes through letters. 

"Such actions are nothing else than the faith they have in Maa Samaleswari. Devotees believe that Goddess will make impossible things possible. The letters they write is the medium of expressing their faith," said Shyam Sundar Dhar, a cultural researcher.