Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In a bizarre incident, enraged locals thrashed, tonsured head and blackened the face of a woman of Beltala village in Pattamundai of Kendrapara district after she allegedly duped them with bogus loan promises. The matter came to light after a video went viral on social media. 

As seen in the viral video, several women intercepted the victim on a road before beating her black and blue. They also dragged her by her hair and painted her face with black ink before tonsuring her. 

Sources claimed that the victim invited trouble as she had given false hopes to some women of sanctioning loans but later went back on her promise. After allegedly getting duped, the angry mob of the swindled women launched a sudden attack on her on the road. 

"Two days earlier, people belonging to four different groups had detained the woman as she had taken Rs 1200 from each of them on promises of sanctioning loan amounting Rs 70, 000. Even after 4 months, she didn't get a single loan sanctioned after which they detained her on road," said Sanjukta, a village resident.

"Meanwhile, she (the victim) requested the angry mob not to hurt her and handed them over her debit card. She tried to pacify them by saying that her husband would send money to her account which they (the women) can distribute among themselves. However, the mob was not in a mood to listen to her and forcefully dragged her. After thrashing her, they shaved off her head, painted her face black and stripped her off," she added.

Meanwhile, taking strong action against the blatant misuse of the law by the group of protesters, police have detained as many as 10 women based on the viral video. Interrogation of the women is underway.

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