Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Life is a struggle and dealing with several challenges is indispensable. However, three girls from Odisha’s Baripada have set an example by accepting the challenges and defying all odds; they became self-reliant by opening a fast food stall. 

As per reports, two college girls are running a makeshift fast food stall alongside the main road of the town under an umbrella. They are being helped by another girl. While they attend their classes in the daytime, the trio opens their shop in the evening hours. 

While Sima Mohanty is a Plus 3 Arts student at Baripada Women's University and Subhashree Mohanty studies at Baripada MPC College. Both girls have a keen interest in studies and they never miss a class. 

However, apart from their keen interest in studies, they wanted to become self-reliant. Their desire of becoming self-reliant was recognised by another girl, Vishnupriya, who is pursuing her Diploma as well as MBA. The three girls teamed up to turn their dream into reality. 

The three girls started their fast food shop on a table. Now, the popularity of three girls is sprawling across Baripada. 

“We didn’t want to work for someone else. For this reason, we opened the stall and we are hopeful that our business will prosper. Every work has a small beginning and thus it grows large. Now, we are not dependent on anyone, we are self-reliant and earning good,” said Sima Mohanty.

Meanwhile, the other girl, Subhashree Mohanty said, “At first, it was hesitant for us to even show our faces. It continued for around a week. After around a month, everything became normal. ”

“Everyone’s thought should be broad. No work is small or bad. Everything depends on what you think. ‘What will People Say’, is what everyone thinks, but I would say that people will say but won’t stand by you. As a woman, it is essential to become independent,” says Vishnupriya. 

“Currently, society wants our girls to stand out from others. This initiative of these three girls is certainly welcoming. Most importantly, they are continuing their studies while giving high efforts to become self-reliant,” said a customer, Minarbha Das.

Apart from making a good earning by becoming self-reliant, Sima, Subhashree, and Vishnupriya aim to help other like-minded girls to become independent.