Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While the Central government launched the National Food Security Mission to ensure subsidized food grains to poor populations across the country in urban and rural areas, the mission seems to have toppled in Odisha's Bhadrak district.

As per reports, Sani Jena, a 75-year-old widow, residing in Basudevpur block of the district, is unable to obtain subsidized grains under the scheme for the past two years. 

Even after multiple efforts, she has failed to obtain the grains from the retailer. Without any other option, the septuagenarian was forced to travel on a trolley rickshaw for around 14 kilometres away from her home to knock the doors of the supply inspector to describe her misery. 

As per reports, due to old age issues, the print of her thumb has mostly lost its sharpness making her unable to obtain an Aadhaar Card. However, since Aadhaar Card linking with the ration card is mandatory as per protocols, she is unable to obtain her share of the ration. 

"The dealers denied her to give grains as she had no Aadhaar Card and this was continuing for two years. Without finding any other option, I carried her on my trolley to the Supply Inspector's office to narrate our problem," narrated the elderly woman's son.

Meanwhile, the Supply Inspector assured the woman that she can also further obtain the subsidized grains by producing her Voter-ID card.

"Products can't be allotted without linking the Aadhaar card with the ration card. However, considering her situation, we will link the Voter ID card and she will be able to obtain the grains," said Block Supply Inspector, Ajay Das.