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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Local fishermen caught a rare fish from Subarnarekha river at Jamashola area in Mayurbhanj district on Sunday. The fish which is believed to be a kind of rare catfish weighs around two kg. The fishermen brought the exotic fish to their village where people flocked in a large number to spot the rare aquatic species.

“We usually don't find these types of fishes in Subarnarekha. The fish is really beautiful and it is a very rare catch. Since it looks poisonous and may not be suitable for eating, we have kept it alive. Residents of the area have also expressed their delight over the prized catch,” said a fisherman.

According to locals, a person from nearby Bahadogoda village has evinced interest to buy the rare fish and keep it in his farm pond.

As per the experts, the fish looks more like Plecostomus (also known as the Suckermouth Catfish) which are highly carnivorous and considered a major threat to natural ecosystems. They are also used as a bottom cleaner in the aquarium trade.

The fish has distinctive spikes on its back and its mouth is in the lower side. Multiple spots on its body also give it an attractive look. Suckermouth catfish is a tropical freshwater fish mostly found in Northeastern South America.

These kinds of fishes have been spotted previously in Northern Odisha.

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