Mrunal Manmay Dash

Neither Gopal Krushna Sahu nor his wife Sharmistha Patnaik had ever imagined in their wildest of dreams that their 8-year-old daughter, Osheen would be able to do what even the learned elite would think twice before attempting. 

Osheen, a class-3 student in a private school in Bhubaneswar, has become a new sensation in Odisha due to her larger-than-life creation in which she has penned the epic Ramayan in English language all by her own.

Using her enviable creative flair, Osheen has written two ‘Kands’ - Bala Kand and Ayodhya Kand from the first chapter (Pratham Khand) of the famous epic. 
And much to her joy, e-market giant Amazon has agreed to sell the book saying that it is good enough for publishing.

Osheen’s parents who are now on cloud nine following her achievement, say that her penchant for Ramayan begun during the COVID induced lockdown when Doordarshan, the National broadcaster had telecasted a rerun of the epic on television. 

As expected, the epic serial skyrocketed DDs Television Rating Points (TRP) and helped inculcate writing skill in little Osheen as well.

Initially she wrote down whatever she heard in the TV during the telecast. But soon she developed painting skills and drew characters of Ramayan at the end of every episode as a summary.

Speaking to OTV, Osheen said, “I am so happy that I have published a book for the first time in my life and it is none other than the Ramayan.”
Gopal Krushna, her father was more than happy to help his kid out in correcting some grammatical errors here and there. But the overall writing was made solely by the little girl. 

“I am happy that she chose Ramayan. More than anything, she learnt family values, behaviour to elders by watching Ramayan,” said Gopal Krushna.

While there are a number of editions of Ramayan published in many languages including in English, but the one by Osheen has pictures depicting each character and their act, making it more appealing to the children.