Mrunal Manmay Dash

In a shocking incident, a stray dog was spotted roaming around on the premise of Bhima Bhoi Medical College and Hospital (BBMCH) in Bolangir with the body of a newborn child in its jaws on Thursday.

As per reports, locals in Bolangir were horrified after watching the scene and tried to shoo the dog away in a bid to recover the child’s body. After loitering around for some time the canine dropped the mutilated body of the child, which it believably picked up from the hospital drain, at an ATM kiosk in the vicinity.

As per reports, this was not the first incident of unclaimed bodies having been picked up by scavengers after those are thrown into drains and ditches in the hospital campus. Earlier last week, the body of another child was recovered from the same drain which runs adjacent to the hospital, raising serious questions over the disposal methods.

Following today’s recurrence the locals have demanded a probe into the incident to ascertain who is dumping the bodies in the ditches which scavengers devour in the open, and why?

As per reports there is a protocol to dispose dead bodies. But in view of the recent turn of events, it is unclear whether the protocol has been followed.

Speaking to OTV, a local resident said, “This is a gross disrespect to the dead and violation of human rights. We have already informed about this in the past but no steps have been taken so far to address the issue.”

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