Pradeep Pattanayak

The Cuttack Police on Sunday seized a bus and detained its driver from Choudwar area of the district for allegedly plying the vehicle with as many as seven different registration numbers on different occasions.
A probe has been launched against the bus owner for operating the vehicle by changing its registration number frequently. It has been alleged that the owner was using the registration numbers of bikes and cars to run the vehicle.   

Another bus owner of the locality, Nilakantha Rout alleged that he had informed the Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) and the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) in written 10 days ago about the bus running illegally by changing its registration number. 

“The bus owner used to change the vehicle’s registration number often. Sometimes it was spotted plying with a bike’s registration number and at other times, with the registration number of a car,” alleged Rout. 
Rout said the bus was spotted transporting Class 10 students from Haladibasant to their examination centre in Shankarpur during the recent Matriculation board exams. It has often been used to take picnickers to different tourist spots across the State, he alleged. 

“This is just a tip in the iceberg. There are so many such vehicles running in the town by forging their registration numbers. Such vehicle owners are getting away with it by greasing the palms of some officials. If any mishap happens with these vehicles, the district administration, MVI and RTO would solely be held responsible,” Rout rued. 

However, reactions from the concerned bus owner, Choudwar police and the RTO authorities are yet to be received on this matter.