Pradeep Pattanayak

In a bizarre development, theft of some goats from a Gajapati village has once again drawn the attention to the raging border conflict between Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. 

According to sources, some police from Andhra Pradesh came face to face with their counterparts in Odisha over stealing of some goats from Manikapatna village under Gangabada Panchayat in Gajapati district. 

As per allegations from local residents, several goats from Manikapatna village were found missing continuously for last few days. In order to catch the thief red handed, the villagers kept a vigil on their goat pens.

Recently, local residents claimed that they caught hold of two thieves and handed them over to Garabandh police. 

But surprisingly, when Garabandh police took the theft accused to the police station, some cops from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh appeared in the scene. The Andhra Police reportedly claimed that the Odisha police should not interfere in the case as Manikapatna village comes under the jurisdiction of the AP. 

This standoff later snowballed into a tension in the village until the villagers took the side of the Odisha police and helped the cops take the thieves to the police station, leaving the AP police rooted to the spot.