Somatirtha Purohit

Bedridden for over 6 years now after suffering a spinal injury and lack of money to cure himself, a man in Odisha has appealed to the Chief Minister, Governor and the President of India for euthanasia.

The man, Anil Shikha, of Tikili village under Bhawanipatna block in Kalahandi District, has parents to take care of him. However, they are also under severe financial crunch. Both his parents work as daily wage labourers.

To end his sufferings, an immobile Anil, who can barely sit on his own, has appealed for euthanasia. “I am forced to do all my activities on my own as my parents work as daily wage labourers. We don’t have a proper roof over our head. Basic enmities are like dream for us,” said Anil while crying inconsolably.

“I want to leave the world as soon as possible as I cannot bear the pain anymore,” he added. 

Anil met with an accident in 2015 while riding a motorcycle. Despite the best efforts of his impoverished parents to cure him, nothing much could be done as poverty and lack of finances came on the way. They took him to many hospitals, but were not in a position to avail the prescribed treatment. They even tried for government support to cure their son, but it seemed all turned blind eyes towards this poor family.

“We tried our best to reach out to many organisations and offices, but no one listened to us. Our soul is crying from inside. What can we do more? We will also die after our son departs,” said Anil’s father Jaduban Shikha helplessly.

It may be noted that the Supreme Court on March 9, legalized passive euthanasia and allowed ‘living will’ to terminally-ill patients.