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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

An Odia official with the United Nations (UN) Dilip Bhanja on Sunday expressed concern over the rapid deterioration of security situation in Afghanistan after the shocking takeover of the south Asian country by the Islamic fundamentalist group Taliban.

Bhanja who returned to his homeland safely along with a convoy of 320 Indians recently said, situation in Afghanistan is grim with Taliban ruling the roost. 

"There are still 1,000-1200 Indians stranded in Afghanistan and they are staring at an uncertain future,” Bhanja said while recounting the horror pervading in the crisis-torn country.

“I will try my best to talk with the External Affairs Department of Government of India and share my experience and expertise with them to take measures for the evacuation of the rest of the Indians trapped in the war-ravaged nation,” said the UN official.
While narrating their ordeal in Afghanistan, Bhanja said, “It was very tough for us to return to our own country. We had done meticulous planning with other UN officials for our return to India. It took us three long hours to reach Kabul Airport which normally takes 15 minutes amid a fanatic rush among the people to get the safest place as soon as possible.”

The Taliban are not allowing the people of other countries to leave their country and seeking cooperation from them to rebuild it.

“After a long discussions and negotiations, the Taliban allowed our convoy to return under the condition that we would soon return to Afghanistan,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that the withdrawal of the United States military forces and the Taliban capture of a major chunk of Afghanistan especially the administrative and commercial hubs of the country has triggered a massive migration of thousands of people to other countries. Many people have been left dead in the last few days of the unfolding in the crisis. 

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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