Ramakanta Biswas

While the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan has left many in a state of worry, Sambalpur’s Johara Begum is no exception. A resident of Motijharan, Johara is spending sleepless nights thinking about the safety AND well-being of her daughter and her family living in Kabul in Afghanistan for the past 14 years. 

“My daughter along with her husband and children are living in Kabul for the past 14 years. She was keen on visiting my home, but her husband did not let her come to India. Now I am in great despair thinking about the present situation in Afghanistan. The thoughts of their well-being continue to haunt me,” said Johara. 

“For the past two months, I have no contact with them. I am trying to call them, but unable to connect. I am also not getting any call from them which is increasing my anxiety day-by-day,” she added. 

Salia Begum, a relative of the woman said, “Her daughter has been staying in Kabul for the past 14 years. The last time when she called up her mother, she said she was fine and would come to India soon. However, her husband did not let her come. After the crisis unfolded in Afghanistan, she is more worried about her daughter.” 

Notably, as many as 25 youths from Kendrapara district who had been working at the US army base camps in Afghanistan returned home three months ago following the withdrawal of American troops from the war-torn nation which has now plunged into chaos after Taliban takeover.