Pradeep Pattanayak

If the expectation of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) is an indicator, as many as 50 lakh couples would tie the nuptial knots across the country by December 13, creating a business opportunity of Rs 50,000 crore.

Deva Utthana Ekadashi marks the beginning of Hindu marriage season. After November 14, when the Deva Utthana Ekadasi was observed, the marriage season has set in. Couples who had earlier decided to get married after November 14 had been a worried lot due to Covid-19 restrictions limiting the number of guests. As of now, they are delighted, leaving no stone unturned to make the special day a memorable one.

On November 21, as many as 267 marriages were solemnised in Bhubaneswar alone. The Capital City witnessed so many weddings for the first time since December 2019.

The CAIT expects as many as 25 lakh marriages would be solemnised across the nation and, in turn, it would create business of a whooping Rs 3 lakh crore.

In the national capital alone, 1.5 lakh marriages will be held, and out of them, a business of Rs 50,000 crore is expected, observed the CAIT.

It is said that the couples are eager to get married as soon as possible because they fear their once-in-a-life event would become a run-of-the-mill affair if cases increase and restrictions are imposed once again.

“Since the Covid-19 cases are currently comparatively lesser and the restrictions imposed on social functions are lifted, more number of marriages are taking place. There are marriage dates till December 13. Then the season will resume in January and will continue till March,” said a priest, Pramod Mohapatra. 

Marriages and business are closely related. Once a marriage is fixed, the respective houses of the bride and the groom are decked up, repaired and white washed while ornaments, bangles, sarees, dress, shoes, daily need articles, electric appliances and furniture are purchased. Similarly, invitation cards are bought and sent to the press for printing; sweets, fruits, dry fruits and flowers are purchased.

Those apart, hotels, vehicles, flower decorators, DJ music systems, band parties, drummers, light prodders, photographers, videographers and cooks are also booked. This apart, the non-vegetable and vegetable markets also have opportunity to earn handsomely during the marriage season.

All those deal in the above mentioned services are hopeful that they would have an opportunity this season to earn something as they suffered huge losses in last two years owing to the pandemic situation.

“During the pandemic period, two years to be precise, the business of Kalyan Mandaps, Tent Houses, DJ Music proprietors, drummers, flower and light decorators was badly affected. Now things have started to change for the better. From business point of view, we expect a good season ahead,” observed a Kalyan Mandap owner, Pratap Jena.

The CAIT believes, of the 25 lakh marriages to take place in the current month, it is expected that Rs 2 lakh each will be spent in five lakh marriages. Similarly, there will be 5 lakh such marriages where Rs5 lakh each will be spent. Of the rest, Rs10 lakh and Rs 25 lakh will be spent in each of the 10 lakh and four lakh marriages, respectively. Of the remaining 1 lakh marriages, there would be 50,000 such marriages where Rs 50 lakh would be spent in each of them and Rs 1 crore or more would be spent in each of the rest 50,000 marriages.