Ananya Padhihary

The call for ‘No Road, No Vote’ is gaining momentum ahead of the Panchayat Election in the State after angry residents of Das Sahi under Gotara Panchayat in Mahanga Block of Cuttack district put up banners threatening to boycott the upcoming rural body polls if a road was not built to connect the area, at the earliest.

According to reports, a banner was seen on Thursday in Das Sahi's Ward No. 1 which stated that the villagers will not cast their votes in favour of any party candidate in the upcoming elections if a road was not constructed in the area.

Tired of the apathy by public representatives, the people of Das Sahi alleged that the politicians make promises before every election that they will construct the road but forget it as soon as the elections are over. And in the meantime, the absence of a motorable road in the area continues to cause hardships for the residents.

“Every time we raise the demand for a proper road, the politicians promise they will construct it if they were voted to power. But they never keep their words. Owing to this pathetic condition of road, we are not able to avail ambulance services in time,” claimed a resident of Das Sahi.

“This time we have decided not to allow any politician to enter our village. They are not welcome here. We are facing much hardship due to lack of proper road connectivity.  If the politicians come to ask for votes, we will ask them to construct the road first,” added another resident.