Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Update: Sonakshi Leads Rohit To Raima? What Will Happen Next?

“Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is now focusing on the disappearance of Raima with her mother enquiring to Rohit about her daughter’s whereabouts. When she suddenly sees Sonakshi, she puts the entire blame of Raima’s condition on her but Rohit stands in Sonakshi’s defense. At the same time, Sonakshi also reveals to Rohit that Raima is not carrying her oxygen cylinder with her.

Suddenly the story shifts into a flashback where Sonakshi is seen telling Rohit about Raima being in love with him and that it was high time that Raima comes to know that Rohit and Sonakshi are together now.

Elsewhere, Netra is worried about Sonakshi and makes Rohit promise that he will take good care of Sonakshi which Rohit confirms. At that moment, Ajit calls Rohit and tells that Raima has disappeared.

Yash’s mother reveals that she has already told Raima about Rohit and Sonakshi.

Raima Is Unreachable, Where Is She?

Cut to present, and now Raima’s mother and Rohit are seen talking. Rohit calls Raima but her phone is turned off. In another scene, Rohan gets in contact with Pari and tells him about a plan to get a couple’s body massage. Since Raima is untraceable Rohit becomes impatient and starts blaming himself. Sonakshi tries to soothe him.

Rohan and Pari go-to massage place but when YK sees Rohan he asks him to come along with him. So Rohan asks Pari to go to the massage parlor alone where she registers as Rohan’s wife. When Deepa sees Rohan’s car parked outside the spa she decides to meet Rohan. But since Rohan is not in the spa, the receptionist says that Deepa can meet his wife instead.

Sonakshi who has a shoot at hand gets a call that since Sumit is not well the shooting has been canceled. She also comes to know that Sumit had bought an oxygen cylinder from a nearby store and realizes that Raima may be staying with Sumit.
There is a strong possibility that this will lead both Rohit and Sonakshi to Raima in the upcoming episode of “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum.”