Sangati Jogwar

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  • Going prepared with answers for probable questions for the interview is always better.
  • So what are the commonly asked questions at any interview? Check them out here!

Preparing for an interview involves checking answers for probable questions that are more commonly asked. Apart from the obvious ones like name, qualification, and interests, there are certainly other questions that are also asked on regular basis. And every candidate must go prepared with their answers for the interview.

Personality assessment

These types of questions are asked by the interviewer to know about you in detail. The questions can be like this: Tell us about yourself, your strengths and how they can add to the role in our company, what is the impression of your co-workers, your passion, why are you perfect for this job, have you ever changed the negative opinion of others, where do you see yourself from 5 years hence, and what are the challenges you are expecting in this job.

Questions focusing on your abilities

Your abilities decide whether you are suitable for the job or not. Hence the next sets of questions that are definitely going to be asked are related to your abilities. These can include: Explaining your responsibilities in the earlier job, how you led the project or which software are most proficient in, your skills, work accomplishments, challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them, how you communicate with clients/people to get your work done with positive impact.

Training/qualification-related questions

With these questions, the interviewer wants to assess whether you are suitable for the position they are offering. The questions may include details about your on-job training, certifications, highest education level, previous experience that benefitted your earlier company, contribution through creative solutions, or resolving errors and issues.

Behaviour assessment

Your approach towards work is equally important as your skills and qualifications. That is why recruiters are also interested in making a behaviour assessment of every candidate they want to employ in their company They may ask you questions such as your professional goals and when did you achieve them in the past, how do you handle when you fail to meet the expectations or reach a goal, how do you set priorities at work, how do you deal with a conflict at work, how do you handle issues like the strict deadline and changes in the environment at workplace.

Checking your industry knowledge

Another important topic that will be discussed is related to your industry knowledge. The interviewer would like to know the depth of your knowledge related to your industry and will ask questions such as what are the current biggest issues plaguing our industry today, what are your plans to overcome them as a supervisor, where do you see the future of your industry and what tools you will use to become more successful.