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You've spent a lot of time searching for jobs, identifying companies, working on your resume, and practising your interview skills. Now, you are ready to go for it. Your dream company just posted a perfect role. You meticulously fill out the online application, attach your cover letter, and send everything in!

Now, What's Next?

As you follow up with potential employers, keep in mind that there are dozens of resumes flooding the same HR department at the same time, making it difficult to respond to each individual. Following up in the right way may be just what you need to set your application apart. That doesn't take away the value of sending a courteous and concise follow-up.

Here are the steps you need to consider after submitting your job application to take a follow-up.

Step 1: Make a note of the contact email id if one is provided to you, along with the date you submitted your job application

You should follow up with a courteous email about a week or so after submitting your application to confirm it was received. This allows you to show your enthusiasm for the position. If another week passes and you still have not heard back, send another short note, indicating genuine interest in the position and requesting further information.

In this second follow-up, you can also emphasise how you think your skills will be used to resolve a problem you suspect the company is facing. You can use this "solution" to connect your value proposition to the company's pain points. Make sure to keep it short (1-3 sentences).

Step 2: You will need to be a little more productive if a contact email is not provided to you during the application process

Find out contact names for roles or divisions related to the one for which you applied on the company's website. Take note of the name if you cannot reach them. Next, research that person and company online, and when you locate them, search for their email address. Follow-up with the email address in a similar manner to the above (but not the same) – a brief, polite, and enthusiastic note indicating that you have applied for a position in this person's organisation. It is good if you found this person to have influence or even if he/she is vetting resumes for the open position. As such, you wanted to reach out with a brief status inquiry while further expressing your interest in the job position. Make sure your intentions are only to express further interest in the position, and that you do not expect an answer.

If you know a person's name but cannot find their email, you might try calling the company's front desk. Simply ask for the email address to reach the person you are attempting to contact. To find out more, browse through Facebook or other social media platforms.

Apply for jobs at a smaller or mid-sized company. You may have a better chance of following up since key leadership/ownership will often be listed directly on the site, along with contact information. If you are emailing or calling, keep your tone upbeat and professionally passionate, indicating that you are interested in working there.

Ensure your sentiments are credible by being specific. Always be prepared to walk away from a conversation and move on to the next potential opportunity without leaving a trail of angst or pressure in your wake. Stay positive and you will not only succeed in your job search, but you will also feel more confident throughout it.