Ramakanta Biswas

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted the Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2023 on Sunday. Many aspirants, who appeared in the preliminary test, found Paper-I General studies (GS) toughest ever while some others described Paper II CSAT as moderate level. 

As per sources, the paper-I had more questions from Ecology and Current affairs while candidates were tested in conceptual clarity.

Soon after the completion of the examination, several aspirants took to Twitter to flag the issue thereby sparking off a debate on the internet. 

“The qualifying percentage of CSAT PAPER 2 of UPSC Pre shld be brought down to 30% from 33%.This yr the paper was beyond what UPSC should ask. It was vry tough,of CAT n GMAT lvl. It was unfair 4 aspirants of dif. Backgrounds,” wrote a user. 

“After yesterday's #UPSCPrelims2023, I think many state and central recruitment agency should consider students on the face value of clearing prelims exam. It was toughest of all time by any parameter,” pointed out another user.

“Worst paper in memory. Does UPSC want people to mug up things or have a photographic memory or just play on tukkas??? Paper 1 is already tough, without this only 1 only 2 option type questions and now they have made it even tougher 😐 why UPSC why UPSC??,” asked a third user.

“Today's #UPSCPrelims shows #UPSC wants students who regularly gather knowledge from variegated sources. Not just from books & study material. Phew! Intense GS paper indeed. CSAT too was tough. I solved it with with some aspirants. My cutoff prediction: 85 (+/-2),” Anjali Kataria, a DSP with Uttar Pradesh police wrote. 

“#UPSCPrelims2023 was the toughest exam ever. Seeing some questions I cannot understand what are they trying to test 🤯 Paper was tough and cutoff may fall to less than 87. Don’t think there is any defined syllabus that a learner should prepare for. Sad to see the frustration,” wrote Unacademy Director Anuj Garg.

A user went on to term UPSC an "Uncertain Public Service Commission". 

“Guys, do have a PLAN-B .. this exam is becoming so uncertain now. You can't rely on this exam and invest 1complete year... From yesterday's ppr it's once again proved "Uncertain Public Service Commission",” he wrote.   

“Also CSAT was more than difficult. Most of the Arts and Commerce students find the Quants part difficult. Do UPSC want only IIT & IIM students or ENGG students to qualify.. Many dreams were shattered and many ppl were sad yesterday and many many have cried..,” he added.