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Your chances of succeeding in a job interview are influenced by how well you prepare for it. Researching the position and the company lies at the core of the majority of interview preparation along with carefully analyzing your answers to the probable questions. 

Read job description carefully

You should read the job description carefully to gain a thorough understanding of the role on offer and the type of candidate the employer is seeking. Pay particular attention to the key phrases used by the employer to describe their expectations. If you are able to align your skills and qualifications with the job description, you will have a better chance of impressing the interviewer. Depending on the job description, you may also get a sense of what the interviewer will ask you.

Do your research on the company 

Learn more about the business in-depth by visiting the company website, social media sites, employee reviews and other online resources. Learn about the company's mission, management and work culture, as well as its products and clients. Find out about the company's latest revenue, growth prospects and business plans. The "about us" page usually contains information about the company's management, the "careers" or "work with us" page contains information about employment, and the investor relations page talks about investors.

Prepare expected questions and practise mock interviews

Create a list of common interview questions for the given position and frame thoughtful answers. Prepare impressive responses that give you an opportunity to highlight skills and interest in the position. It is natural to feel nervous and overwhelmed but mock interviews can be invaluable. They help create an interview-like environment and increase confidence. Ask your relatives or friends to carry out mock interviews with you. 

You will do very well in your interview if you adhere to the advice given above. It can undoubtedly aid you before a job interview so you can be confident.